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Top 10 Ways to Make the Most out of Cosmetology School

1. Find your Niche (an activity for which a person is best fitted). While in cosmetology school actively search for the one activity that floats your boat, the one thing that makes your heart beat faster. Love color? Love to cut? Love avant-garde? This will be the future focus in developing your beauty career so get a head start.

2. Play by the rules. Your cosmetology school administrator may be instrumental in helping you land that all important first job or apprenticeship. There are specific qualities managers look for in hiring new employees. Treat your time at beauty school as if it were your job. Little things like being on time and cleaning without being asked will definitely make an impression on your hair school administrator and make them want to help you when you graduate!

3. Be a beauty sponge. Learn everything you can. You are paying top dollar for this education! Don’t just clock your hours. Use your hours. Ask your hair school instructors