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"So far, the most exciting part of my training is being able to have top quality one
on one instruction and a variety of coloring and cutting techniques. I feel that the
training I have been provided with is nothing short of impressing, not only for my
benefit but the benefit of many other stylists about to grace the cosmetology
industry.” -Justin G

“Since I have been in school, it’s been a pleasure working with the teachers,
learning new methods of hairstyling and creating memories. My training in school
will benefit my future greatly. I take school very seriously and make it a point to
learn as much as possible while I am here.”- Taylor B

“My training will benefit me on the job because I already learned how to do all
different types of cutting, highlighting, manicuring, pedicuring, and blow
drying, and straightening. That will look better on resume then the person next to
me not knowing how to do everything that I can do.”- Sarah W

"All of the instructors are very hands on and want the most and best out of each
student. And thanks to Oxford Academy I’m now secure that my dreams can become a
reality.  And I will have Oxford Academy, my drive and my dreams to thank
for that happening. ” – Michael A

"From all the different aspects of hairdressing and cosmetology I learned, to the
relationships that were built and everything that went along with them, I’m more
than happy I chose to go to Oxford Academy to get my hairdressing license, and know that it
will only get better from here once I start my career.” -Chelsea D

“When I was in school, at Oxford Academy of Hair Design, I loved the fact that we
were "hands on". The teachers are always there to help and when your doing a
good job, they make you feel good about yourself. I feel confident that when I’m
finished with school I’ll have the skills I need in the work field.”-Crystal C

“Now that I’m at Oxford Academy....I am learning something new every day and there hasn’t been one thing I’ve learned that I didn’t like. Training for me has been great because I like
seeing each teacher’s way of doing things and seeing which is most comfortable or
me and they never give up on anyone.” – Kayla G

“I enjoy coming to Oxford Hair Academy, and feel really happy about the staff and
students. Everyone is helpful and understanding. I know that everything I am
learning here at Oxford Academy will be beneficial for me in the future. The
instructors are extremely helpful and up to date with all the fashion trends
needed in this industry. My one year career goal is that I want to finish school and
hopefully if everything is good for me at the time, open a small salon. With the help
of the Oxford Academy staff and students I will achieve these goals.” –Vicky D

“Now that I’m attending Oxford Academy I’m starting to see hands on what it’s
really like to be a hair stylist and I love the feeling. These skills that I’m learning
like cutting, coloring, and just basic styling, will most definitely get me to where I
want to be as a children salon stylist and owner.”-Yulando H

“The skills that I am learning now at Oxford Academy will set me up for a
successful career going forward.  I am extremely excited to master my skills in
doing extensions because I have already surprised myself in the quality I have been
able to do them with already.”-Angela G

“I just love watching the instructors at Oxford Academy and learning new ways to do things every day.  My training will benefit me on the job by preparing myself with the skills I need
for when I actually work in a salon.”-Ashley S

“What I enjoy most about my training at Oxford Academy iss the help I get from teachers who want us to succeed and go out into the real world with a true understanding and nack for
what we do. I enjoy all the classes we are offered to take, such as color classes,
extension classes, and chemical straightening classes, amongst others. I also like that
we get educated in different color and product lines besides just one or two, I
think it gives us a good understanding of how one color line or type of chemical
straightener works in comparison to another since we will be exposed to all different
types of brands of products once we start our career.”- Carly P

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